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Rum Cañero Reserva is produced following the centenary recipes from the Dominican rums that the laureate General Máximo Gómez used to relish during his campaigns in the independency war of Cuba. Represents a toast in honor of the hankering he felt for his land, the Dominican Republic, mother of the best, the maximum, Cañero.

The rum is aged using the solera process for aging spirits, in which barrels containing older spirits are “topped off” and married with younger spirit from other barrels as the angel’s share takes its toll.  By the time the rum is bottled. Summum Reserva Especial 12 is a blend of rums.

“Rum Cañero” has been created personally by the great RUM MASTER JUAN ALBERTO ALVAREZ, professional with huge experience on the Rum Art which has been developed among very well known distilleries throughout all Caribbean.

— Tasting notes:

Appearance: The rum has a deep, gold color.

Nose: Extremely smooth, complex and warm with rich and enticing aromas of vanilla, prunes and roasted caramel. A second sniff around the glass finds notes of oak and vanilla – the effect of so many years spent in oak casks.  The nose is simply splendid.  It is deep, rich, and inviting.

Taste: A sip from the glass reveals a sweet, smooth entry.  There is a lot of vanilla at the front, followed by sweet dry almonds notes on the mid-palate. The body is smooth and silky on the tongue, giving the rum an incredibly pleasant mouth-feel.  Slight alcohol and rum heat on the finish with a long tongue tingling spiciness.

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