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ENJOY THE RUM Authentic Dominican Roots THE BRAND
— Our mission is to offer authentic, inimitable and unmatched rums, simply sublime, excellent, with authentic Dominican roots.

— Aromas from nuts and prunes —

Rum CAÑERO Finished Cognac has been created personally by the great RUM MASTER JUAN ALBERTO ALVAREZ, professional with huge experience on the Rum Art, which has been developed among very well known distilleries throughout all Caribbean.

— Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Has a deep and thick dark robe* with intense crimson reflections.

Nose: Sherry wine strength is remarkable since the first nose tasting, with aromas from nuts and prunes.

Taste: Unctuous and delicate but not syrupy at all. Roasted almond is gracefully tangled with hints from fig, raisins and vanilla. All that, coated with a fine woody cape.

Cañero Essential

Why Cañero?

Our rums are carefully selected, by our famous cuban rum master Juan Alberto Alverez, he reserva is aged according to the traditional Spanish method of Solera in bourbon barrels, which gives these powerful aromas of vanilla.

Our other versions have a finished in different premium spirits or wines casks such as Cognac, Scotch Whisky, Sauternes or Sherry.

Our mission is to offer authentic, inimitable and unmatched rums, simply sublime, excellent, with authentic Dominican roots created so that they can be enjoyed by the most discerning palates at different times .

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— Tones of nuts and raisins —

CAÑERO Sauternes Cask Finish is double aged after the blend in white oak casks used to age sweet wine for the region of Sauternes, France.

After spending around 9 months in these barrels, the rum mixes its character with notes of the Sauternes wine sweetness, becoming a very drinkable spirit, appropriate for newcomers and connoisseurs.

— Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Amber and straw-colored sparks. Total cleanliness and transparence.

Nose: Soft and balanced smell, of sweet perception, it reminds the sugar cane during the harvest, with fruity aromas. Also a touch of vanilla, coconut and prunes.

Taste: Smooth, elegant, balsamic. Clearly perceptible sweetness melted in a combination of wooden flavors from the French and American oaks.

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